Windows 8

Last month I bought a new laptop in preparation for two very long plane rides and a looming deadline. My intent was to immediately wipe the machine and install linux on it, but since I had not tried Windows 8 yet I figured I would try to give it a fair shot. I expected the worst – Microsoft has consistently let me down for a very long time – but I was generally not disgusted! I immediately installed a start menu (seriously, crippled dashboard only?) but with that addition everything seemed to go ok. I had some serious trouble compiling some libraries I needed, but that was pretty much the case across ALL windows versions, not just 8.

You could sum up my feelings as “Meh, not as bad as I was expecting”, which is actually a glowing endorsement from me as far as microsoft products go.

I had my development stuff already set up and win 8 wasn’t really getting in my way after that so I never ended up wiping the machine. Until today.

Rewind 2 days. Windows installed some updates which the engineers STILL couldn’t be bothered to write without requiring a restart. I decided to be proactive and restarted immediately. The ‘your machine is going to restart in 2 days to apply updates’ warning didn’t go away — apparently restarting isn’t always the same as restarting, if you know what I mean (what?). Strike one.

Zoom back to today. I was diligently working away and the laptop overlaid my entire screen with a warning telling me it was going to restart for updates in 15 minutes. Annoying as hell, but whatever. I was nearly finished with a fairly in depth review task and I foolishly assumed I could delay this a couple times until I was done for the night. 15 minutes later, in the middle of a sentence, the laptop restarts. Strike two through 1 million.

This is a call for retirement. There are two people who I would like to request step down from their positions and leave the software industry altogether — the person who proposed the idea that my computer should shut itself down out from under me and the highest manager up the line who approved it and let it ship. You don’t have the first clue about people, their computers, or what the former would like from the latter. You should move into a less mentally taxing job more suited to your talents — my suggestion/hope is you take up drunkenly blaming the local pidgeon population for stealing your teeth while publicly urinating on a park bench.

Also, a note to everyone at microsoft — the computer using population is gaining competence, wealth, and options. It is time to stop hiding behind the money you made when people didn’t have any other choices and join the world where people can actually use a computer that doesn’t make them want to hurt someone.

tl;dr – I’m back to hating microsoft in full force.

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